Information offers various fishing trips on our ships M/S Albatros 1 and M/S Skagerrak from the harbour of Hirtshals. Booking directly via calendars on homepage or via mail giving name and mobilenumber. Booking only guaranteed when deposit 50% of price has been received. On homepage you pay via Paypal. Deposit is paid back if trips are cancelled.

The ships

M/S Albatros 1 and MS Skagerak sets up various tours from the harbour of Hirtshals. Both near the coast (4 – 8 hours) and longer trips (10 – 96 hours) to different places in Skagerrak as the sea west of Northern Jutland is named. Our program rooms trips for most people interested in sea angling, whether you are an experienced angler or just started, if you enjoy angling as a sport or for recreative purpose or just as a holiday activity with the children.

Max 34 passengers. Normally we do not go with less than 8 passengers (12 hour trips and more – minimum 12 passengers) and even at that number we do not guarantee. (force majeure).

Before departure

Before booking you should be aware of your health. Going to sea can influate on your health so if you have any health problems like to high blood preasure etc. you should get your doctors advice about going to sea. If you are aware of something that might not cause problems normally, do tell skipper so the staff is prepared if anything happens.

When you have booked please contact us between 16.30 and 18.00 hours the day before to get information on weather and maybe cancelling. If cancelling we try to sail later or offer you another trip later. Please call on mobile no. (+45) 23 26 13 66.


We can offer groups of minimum 8 persons beds on board in connection with booking a trip. Otherwise plenty of possibilities in Hirtshals and around. Try Google.

Weather conditions

The compass gives you a general briefing on the weather conditions the tours can be implemented. However, one should always call the night before the trip between the hours. 16.30 to 18.00 for confirmation about the trip out, but remember that the weather can change quickly and provide other conditions.

You have to meet up on board minimum 30minutes before departure as you have to register on the passenger list. Everybody needs to leave their name and name and phonenumber on a person we can contact in case of emergency. Passenger list will be kept ashore. Information will be treated confidentally and not used for other purposes. You also need to stowe your gear properly and safe for the voyage and staff needs to have time for information and safety instructions before departure.

On board

Everyone aged between 18 and 65 angling in Denmark must hold a valid angling license.

If we know in advance gear can be rented. Price € 20. You can bring your own jigs etc. though we have some available for sale on board.

For safety reasons and the comfort of other passengers you have to keep tidy and follow crews directions on board so the stay on board allows passengers to concentrate on fishing.

Staff will do it’s best to make the trip pleasant and succesfull. Welcome on board.


The major part of the year Albatros makes angling trips within the range of 30 nautic miles from Hirtshals har-bour. The weather must be good meaning below 5 to 7 metres per second wind speed from west and north, or below 7 to 9 meters per second wind speed from east and south. For save handling of fishing gear and pas-senger comfort the wawe heigt must be less than 1 meter. The seawater should be clear and current below 1 knot. When fishing on the small stone reefs and stony bottom along the coast from Hirtshals to Løkken we mainly catch Cod weighing 1 – 6 kg and some times even more. Furthermore Coalfish weighing from 1 – 5 kg, Pollacks and various flatfish. Early in the season we often see Ling and Catfish weighing up to 5 kg. In July, August and september we catch a lot of Mackerel and some Garfish. When angling on wrecks and The Yellow Reef we generally find more species and bigger fish. Generally we recommend 0.50 – 0.60 monofile or equivalent interlaced line (Fire-line etc.). Angling for flatfish thoug 0.30 – 0.40 line. We recommend jigs weighing 150 – 300 grams – on The Yellow Reef and wrecks though 200 – 500 grams.

Hangers is a good idea – type and colors etc. would be a question about your own ideas and experience. That goes for bait aswell.


Please remark the mininum length (over all) for fish in Skagerrak:
Cod – 30,0 cm
Saithe – 30,0 cm
Haddock – 32,0 cm
Hake – 40,0 cm
Salmon – 60,0 cm
Sea trout – 40,0 cm
Plaice – 27,0 cm
Turbot – 30,0 cm
Brill – 30,0 cm
Dover sole – 24,5 cm
Lemon sole – 26,0 cm
Flounder – 25,5 cm
Dab – 25,0 cm
Eelpout – 23,0 cm


Albatros 1 was built in 1948 as a tanker. As ships became bigger and bigger she was rebuilt for supplyship and passenger transport when the bridge from Fyn to Sealand was built. After this project was finished she started sailing angling tours at Storebaelt and was based in Nyborg on Fyn under the name of Pip. Sold to Hirtshals in march 2009 and was renamed Albatros 1. Still angling tours are the main business but the size of the ship and how it is equipped makes it possible to do other jobs both for pleasure and as supplyboat, for diving trips and many different purposes.

Albatros 1 is heavy and lying good even in a rougher sea which means better and easy angling. Approved for 45 passengers on daytrips but normally we do not take more than 28 – 30 anglers on daytrips. Also doing longer trips where people eat and sleep onboard. There numbers of passengers are restricted. Under deck is a big room where passengers also eat and then rooms with sleeping facilities and two toilets/bathrooms and a toilet on main deck.

Main engine is a 10-cylinder Mercedes and in the front engine room there are 2 engines for making electricity and for the bow thruster. Bridge is equipped with modern gear for fish finding, navigation, safety and communication. You are welcome to come and have a look when on board.

On main deck we have tables for gutting and making fillets. We are able to offer food and coffee if ordered in advance. Fishing gear can be rented onboard and you can buy danish fishing license but also has to be ordered the day before. Everybody angling needs a danish license.