Our tours are for anyone interested in sea fishing - whether you see it as a sport, recreation or as a holiday activity. If you have questions, please feel free to call or write.

  • 4 Hours Coast Trip

    A short trip to the reefs closest to the harbor that appeal to families and anglers who like to fish for mackerel. There are also caught cod and sometimes saithe.

    Season: April – September

    Price per. Person:
    Adults: € 40, children up to 14 years € 20

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  • Yellow Reef

    Big area which really is named “Big Reef” about 2½ hours west of Hirtshals is quite famous among anglers as you often gets bigger fish and more species here than nearer the coast.

    Season: April – September
    Duration: 12 hour day trip, and 22, 40 or 50 hours with overnight stay and meals.
    Minimum age: 12 years

    Minimum people booked: 13


    12 hours DKK. 950/Euro 130

    14 hours DKK. 1100/Euro 150

    16 hours DKK. 1300/Euro 170

    22 hours DKK. 1650/Euro 220

    2 day´s trip DKK. 2750/Euro 370

    3 day´s trip DKK. 3750/Euro 510


    10 hours DKK. 1100/Euro 150

    11 hours DKK. 1200/Euro 160

    12 hours DKK. 1300/Euro 170

    Price, whole boat: € 2.500 and up

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  • Wreck Angling

    Most exciting for those who do angling for sport and who knows and accepts that not all days we will find fish on one or more of the wrecks and that sometimes means more sailing between the wrecks. Sometimes fishermen places their nets close to the wrecks and sometimes weather or current makes angling difficult. But when conditions are good wreckfishing often gives big fish and more different species.

    Season: April – September
    Duration: 12 – 16 hours
    Day: On agreement
    Minimum age: 12 years

    Minimum people booked: 13

    Price per. Person: € 150 and up
    Price, whole boat: € 2.600 for 12 hours and up

    * only on request / agreement

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  • 8 or 10 Hours Coast Trip

    This trip is for anglers that do not want to spend time on long trips. Destination are stone reefs near the coast where you mainly catch cod but depending of time of the year you also sometimes gets saithe, pollack, mackerel, ling and other.

    Season: All year
    Day: All week
    Minimum age: 10 years

    Minimum people booked: 8

    Price per. Person: € 80 – 100
    Price, whole boat: € 1.600 and up

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  • 6 Hours Coast Trip

    Quite popular trip as it normally gives a fair catch and does not take too long for most people. Destination also stone reefs near the coast and mainly cod are caught but the different months also sometimes saithe, pollack, mackerel and other.

    Season: All year
    Day: All week
    Minimum age: 8 years

    Price per. Person: € 60
    Price, whole boat: € 1.200

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  • Group Trips

    For groups (13 – 18 persons) we can offer to do 2 – 5 trips specially to own wishes as long as no other already has booked same days. For groups (3 – 8 persons) we will try to do the same but taking in consideration that minimum number of persons on a trip are 5 people we might have to stay to the announced programme. We can do booking of rooms and can offer to help with ordering meals, handling and freezing the fish and other wishes.

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